Welcome To St. Crispin Antiques & Collectors Centre

St Crispins Antiques & Collectors Centre

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We have an arcade consisting of 10 rooms and 90 or so cabinets on 2 floors, presenting a wide range of interesting antiques, collectibles and furniture. Including rooms of pre-1945 date-lined antique furniture and small items.

You can wander amongst the cabinets & rooms and find furniture, books, clocks, glass, medals, retro-clothing, stamps, postcards, memorabilia, paintings, jewellery, ceramics, coins, chandeliers, rugs, general collectables, and much more...

Come in and see what you can find!

Browse, buy or sell at St Crispins Arcade
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Here at St Crispins you not only add to your own collection, but we will give you a valuation on yours! If you desire you can sell to our dealers at a fair price.

Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday - 10.00am to 5.00pm

Sunday - 10.30am to 4.30pm





There's such a wide range of stock so it's difficult to show photos of everything, and our numerous dealers change their displays often - we advise to visit regularly and/or keep up with our social media if you're keeping an eye out for specific items.

If you have a particular interest, please don't hesitate to phone, email, or drop us a facebook message and we'll let you know if we have what you're looking for - or let you know if we come across it in the future.

The Hideaway Cafe

Our tea rooms at St Crispins has undergone an extensive refurbishment and reopened with a wonderful selection of homemade sandwiches & cakes that can be enjoyed with their wonderful coffee or tea. The Hideaway has a lovely little garden with outside seating to enjoy if the weather is nice.

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